Field First LLC is a progressive consulting firm focused on winning elections, passing legislation, and building movements from the bottom up. Field First works with issue-based coalitions, community groups, labor unions, political campaigns, and companies to achieve their goals through a comprehensive approach that focuses on identifying what success is and working backwards to map the path to victory.

Field First has expertise in developing campaign plans and overseeing their implementation including coalition building and political outreach, metrics-driven field programs, direct actions, vendor and staff management, message amplification and cohesion, digital engagement and the deployment of resources on a timeline. Field First’s approach enables organizations to achieve their short-term electoral and political goals while also building long-term organizational capacity to meet future challenges.

Launched in 2013 in Massachusetts and New England, in 2018 Field First expanded its footprint to California, helping elect progressive leaders in Los Angeles County and across the western United States. In 2019, Field First looks to expand its work nationally to enact progressive change everywhere.