People + Power
= Progress

Building Movements. Empowering People. Winning Campaigns.

Field First LLC is a progressive consulting firm focused on winning elections, passing legislation, and building movements from the bottom up.


What We Do

Field First has helped progressive champions run for office at all levels, led statewide campaigns to enact change through the legislative process as well as the ballot, and built grassroots movements to harness the power of people for progress. Our team runs major campaign efforts, and we can help you achieve your goals with our extensive experience in local, state, and national campaigns.

"No one builds and executes a grassroots campaign like Field First. In an era when people are increasingly divided and distracted, Carl, Chelsie, and their team know how to cut through the noise to focus on what counts: reaching voters, persuading voters, and then turning them out to vote. There’s no one more talented at organizing in progressive politics than Field First."
- Julian Cyr, State Senate, Cape and Islands District